BROEN-LAB Legionella-safe solutions

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BROEN-LAB Legionella-safe solutions

Legionella is a bacteria that is found in many places but has ideal growth conditions in plants where the temperature in several places is between 25-60°C. Legionella can, by inhalation of atomized water (aerosols), for example, during showering – cause both Legionnaires’ disease (lung disease) and Pontiac fever (flu-like fever disease). Legionnaires’ disease can be fatal especially for people with weakened immune systems.

The optimal way of avoiding legionella

BROEN-LAB recommends the following solution where, there is a constant flow due to this recirculating installation. This ensures that there never is dead water by the ball valve, which unables the legionella bacteria to build up. This solution comes in a version for 3/4" pipe, which is optimal for smaller buildings, where there aren't many emergency showers and therefore no risk of loss in water pressure. This solution can be installed in existing buildings, which is a benefit. The emergency showers can be installed on a sub pipe, and several shower could be connected, as long as the last product on the line is something, that is flushed regularly. It could be a toilet or something equal, as long as it is provides enough water to drain the system. The solution also comes in a version for 1 1/4" pipe, which is optimal for bigger buildings, where there are several emergency showers and also a firehose installed on the main pipe. By installing the emergency shower directly on the main pipe you can have several showers running without loosing any pressure.

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